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Inspark (Kick-off)

Inspark (kickoff)

At the beginning of each semester, Göta studentkår organizes inspark (kickoff!). The biggest kickoff-weeks take place at the start of the autumn term when we, together with our associations and “phadders”, welcome thousands of new students to the five faculties that Göta studentkår represents. The kickoff is the first welcome weeks each semester, which is focused on welcoming you as a new student to the university. Göta studentkår arranges, among other things, parties, pubs, city walks, sittningar, barbecue evenings, game nights, movie nights and much more so that you who are new to the university get a good start to your new life as a student here in Gothenburg! You will get the the opportunity to get to know your student union, your fellow students and Gothenburg university.  

Göta studentkår represents five faculties at the University of Gothenburg, and each faculty has its own section within the student union organization. In the fall, all five sections organize kickoff, while at the start of the spring semester kickoff’s are arranged in the Humanities section, the Social Sciences section and the Educational Sciences section. Each kickoff is planned by the kickoff coordinators, who are students selected by the student union to have overall responsibility for the kickoff in your particular section. Together with hundreds of “phaddrar” (students who are there to help you as a new student get into student life - you recognize them on their colored t-shirts!) and about fifty union associations, we make sure that the kickoff experience is a great start to your time as a student at the University of Gothenburg.

Read more about the kickoff and get a specific schedule for your kickoff on the section page of your section!