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To all International Students!

Through the organisations of Göta Students’ Union (Göta studentkår) and the International Committee (GISA) we would like to welcome you to our city!

The Union and the Committee are non-profit organisations working to ensure that all students, including international students, get the most out of their stay here in Gothenburg.

As your students’ union, we officially work on behalf of Gothenburg University to ensure that you have a pleasant time as a student at the university. Your education and study conditions are our main priorities. Among other things we strive to increase the number of study areas available for our students and the accessibility for students with disabilities.

During the first weeks of the semester we organize several events with the specific goal to allow all of you newcomers to get to know each other, the university and the city of Gothenburg.

These are not to be mistaken by similar events organized by different organizations. Some of these organizers will charge you for events that are similar to the ones we organize for free. GISA and Göta studentkår only take payments for a handful of our events and it is only for the prime cost of the event. You will also be subjected to various student discounts. We offer a lot of discounts officially through Mecenat connected to your university student card.

If you have any questions regarding student discounts or what events are organized or sponsored by us officially, do not hesitate to ask! 
We at GISA and the Göta students’ union hope you have a nice stay in Gothenburg!


The Board Members of GISA

The presidium of Göta studentkår