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IT Section

If you study at the Information Technology faculty, we are your student union and work tirelessly to ensure that your study time with us will be pleasant, safe and fruitfull. 



Hi there,

Here at the IT-section we take care of a wide variety of students from all dicipliens of information technology and communcation. Everything from the machine centric computer science to the human centric masters in communication. If you study IT, we are here to help you, no matter what.

Our work is divided into a lot of different tiers but as a new student you will mainly be dealing with the two first tiers.

Every programme has a studentgroup/student organisation. They act as our eyes and ears on the field. Whenever there is a problem with your programme, contacting them is the first thing you should do. They will in turn either help you or direct you to us at the section level. If you feel brave enough you can also always come directly to me, your local friendly chairman Ludvig at my office on the fourth floor of Patricia at Lindholmen campus around 10-17 every weekday. If you want to schedule a meeting with me, you can do that too, via mail or sending a text message.

Now you might be wondering how such a small group of people like the IT-section can take care of so many students. Well this is where you come in.  We rely on you to report issues, to sign up for councils, to join and help drive student organisations, to get involved in student and regional politics and studentgroups and more importantly to give us your oppinion on what you need us to do for you! Because you are who we work for and you are for whom this organisation has been built. So pick what field you want to be active in even if you just want to arrange one party or invite politicians for weekly debates, and send me an email at itsek@gota.gu.seor come to my office in hus Patricia, 4:th floor. We are armed with experience and knowledge and are here to help you.

If you would like to become more active or have any questions: come by and have a chat and some coffee.