Summary of the operational year 2018/19

tisdag, 25 juni, 2019

Do you wonder what happened in the IT Section and what your chairwoman Verena actually worked with during this 2018/19? Then read the summary of operations below!


During the operational year 2018/19, Göta studentkårs IT section focused on three main goals that were described and specified in the section's operational plan during the operational year

2018/19. These three goals are:


1. To make the Göta student kårs IT section more visible, accessible and attractive to students

The first goal was achieved by showing increased physical presence on both the Lindholmen and Johanneberg campuses, through various events and information opportunities, through increased presence on social media and the website, and support for the students' influence on education and work environment.


2. To encourage student initiatives and a sustainable engagement of students

The second goal was achieved through support for both student representatives and student work environment representatives in their work, which included organizing education sessions with GUS and creating an information guide and regular network meetings for the student representatives.


3. To develop the Göta student union's IT section's collaboration with external organizations

The third goal was achieved by creating / strengthening cooperation with external organizations. The section collaborated with companies, such as Scania, Ericsson, Academic work for events for students (lunch lectures, mingle nights, hackatons etc.). As part of a project where the section collaborated with a student group and the Department of Applied IT, collaboration between different organizations took place to organize lunch lectures on sustainability: Swapster, Mindfulness coach, SDNS Youth, Ericsson.


In addition to the goals achieved, the focus was on improving the students' study and work environment at the Lindholmen campus, to improve the cohesion between students from the Lindholmen and Johanneberg campuses, and to improve the education within the cognitive science and the Software Engineering and management program.

In addition, the section chairman was active in various internal working groups and councils: educational councils, communication councils, study social councils, vision and values, the handover for Göta studentkårs new organizational members.


Are you interested in joining Göta studentkårs IT section as a studentrepresentative or board member or even think of becoming chairman in the future? Then come and talk to us in our office in September or write to itse(a)



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