Welcome to IT!

torsdag, 8 augusti, 2019

Hello all you new technologists,


My name is Johnny, and I'll be succeeding Verena as the chairwoman for the IT-section this new school year.


We are currently in progress with finalizing the kick-off for all of you new students, and I'm crying about how awesome it's going to be.


Honestly, you're never gonna have as much fun in your entire life just by attending school. Your parents will be proud of you for just attending this incredible Van Gogh painting of a kick-off. Honestly, your grandchildren will be asking you for details about your legacy in the legendary kick-off of 2019 - the Swedish prime minister of 2040 (which will honestly be one of you IT-students from our faculty) will after retirement, go on SVT's yearly christmas special and talk about his amazing time at the kick-off during 2019.


So kick back, relax and welcome to the IT-faculty's IT-section. You'll probably see us from Göta around a lot during the year, and enjoy your stay at this beautiful Thesaurus ship called the IT-section.


Bli medlem snabbt och enkelt via Medlemsportalen >>