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Labour market

A clear connection with the working life is of great importance for students and how they can prepare for their future

The University of Gothenburg has a responsibility to make sure that all education is given with a clear connection with the working life. They shall promote a broad interplay with the surrounding society to ensure the relevance of the educations. To create a network early on will give you as a student a higher chance of obtaining a job after you studies.

Therefore, Göta studentkår works with different types of event promoting the working life connection. We have lectures, labour market fairs and other types of events to make sure that you as a student is given a head start onto the labour market


Read more abour our work with the labour market towards students and working life representatives

Göta studentkår represents over 25 000 students at five of the University of Gothenburgs eight faculties. These are the faculties for social sciences, educational science, natural sciences, humanities and IT. Since the establishment of Göta studentkår in 2010 the organisation has entered upon different agreements with companies, organisations and employers of different kinds. We can give you as an employer a unique opportunity to advertise your company as an attractive an relevant future for the students. You can either target at specific group at a
faculty or broader towards all of our students. Together with our expertise and knowledge we can offer you the opportunity to create meaningful labour market activites.

If you have any questions or ideas regaring an agreement contact us through:


SESAM Labour market fair

SESAM Labour market fair is aimd toward alla social sciences student at Göta studentkårs section for sociala sciences. The fair is annually occurring and is arranged by its own project group. The fair welcomes working lives representatives interested in meeting sociala sciences students. If you are interested in participating as a working life representative or have any questions email . Do you want to know when the next fair will be held? Go check out our LinkedIn!