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Find a home in Gothenburg

SGS Student housing

Göta studentkår, together with other student unions in Gothenburg, formed the student housing foundation SGS studentbostäder, SGS, in 1951. The foundation's operations are conducted on commercial terms in competition with other housing companies, with the difference that the foundation is not primarily profitable. SGS's goal is to offer purposeful and attractive housing to university students in the Gothenburg region. SGS homes are mediated through a queuing system, so it is good to register early to get a long queuing time. If you become a member of Göta studentkår, you will receive 3 extra months of queuing time when you sign up and for each semester you study an extra month of queuing time. More information is available on SGS's website.

Another student housing company in Gothenburg is Chalmersbostäder.

Find other apatements in Gothenburg

The major advertising space for housing in Gothenburg is Boplats Göteborg. Gothenburg does not have a municipal housing queue, instead Boplat's marketplace for apartments from several different players acts. There you can also find information about subletting and arranging private rooms. Do you have an extra room yourself? Be sure to rent it out to alleviate the housing shortage that always arises at the start of the semester.

Another advertising space for housing in Gothenburg is HomeQ is an english site for finding a place to stay in Gothenburg. is a student-to-student platform where you as a student can rent out your room or home to international students who come to Gothenburg for studies or internships. As a student at the University of Gothenburg, you advertise on the site free of charge and you yourself have the opportunity to apply for accommodation if you are on your way out into the world to study abroad. To advertise and rent rooms, you need a valid student mail account (your gus address), which provides increased security for all parties.

Below we have collected a number of different housing agencies that you who are going to start studying in Gothenburg can turn to when you are looking for housing.

Housing Tips

The housing situation in Gothenburg is difficult and it can be hard for students to find an apartment, especially at the beginning of the semesters.

Some tips in your search for housing in Gothenburg are to search for apartements in both Göteborgsposten, on Facebook, on bulletin boards at the university libraries and Göta studentkårs own bulletin boards.

In emergencies, hostels usually rent out rooms to students who did not find anywhere else to live.

Another tip is when introducing yourself to new people. If you are lucky, you find someone who has a spare room or tips on who you can turn to.

It can be smart to look into to the surrounding areas of Gothenbug, it can be much easier to get an apartment in for example, Biskopsgården, Backa and Bergsjön than in other areas in Gothenburg. It takes a long time to get housing centrally and thought after you say no to a first-hand or second-hand contract because the apartement is not in the "right" area.