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Find a home in Gothenburg



Find a home in Gothenburg

Below we have collected some useful tips and housing agencies for those of you who
are about to start studying in Gothenburg and are looking for accommodation.


Student housing

Göta student union works to ensure that there is good access to student housing. Our goal is that no one should have to opt out of studies due to a lack of housing. We cooperate with other unions and bodies in Gothenburg through Gothenburg's united student unions, GFS. Read more about how the Göta student union tries to affect the housing situation in Gothenburg, here.


Are you an international student coming to Gothenburg? Gothenburg has more students than any other city in Sweden. Because of this, the demand for student housing is extremely high. Many students find it difficult and time-consuming to look for accommodation.

Further down the page we have collected some housing agencies and general tips that can hopefully help you in your search for housing.
In addition, the University of Gothenburg has collected a lot of useful information here.


Free housing agencies for students

Göta studentkår, together with other student unions in Gothenburg, formed the student housing foundation SGS studentbostäder, SGS, in 1951. The foundation's operations are conducted on commercial terms in competition with other housing companies, with the difference that the foundation is not primarily profitable. SGS's goal is to offer purposeful and attractive housing to university students in the Gothenburg region. SGS homes are mediated through a queuing system, so it is good to register early to get the queuing time. If you become a member of Göta studentkår, you will receive 3 extra months of queuing time when you sign up.

Please note that SGS Student Housing only registers new members twice a year, on first of April and first of November. For questions or concerns, please contact SGS Student Housing here.

Another student housing company in Gothenburg is Chalmersbostäder.

Other housing agencies

Housinganywhere is a student-to-student platform where you as a student can rent out your room or home to international students who come to Gothenburg for studies or internships. As a student at the University of Gothenburg, you advertise free of charge on the site.

For housing there is also Boplats Göteborg. There you can also find information about subletting and brokerage of private rooms.

Kvalster is reasonably easy and quick to find a vacant apartment. The site cooperates with all web-based marketplaces for available rental housing. In addition, it is completely free for home seekers to use.

Hyreskollen is a collaboration between thousands of landlords across the country. With them you will find a large selection of attractive rental properties and serious landlords.



Housing tips

The housing situation in Gothenburg is extreme, especially at the beginning of the semesters. Here are some tips for looking for housing in Gothenburg:

  • Search actively yourself and post ads where you are looking for housing or a room. Use the Göteborgsposten (GP), bulletin boards in the university libraries and various online advertising sites such as Blocket. In an emergency, hostels can rent out rooms to students who have not found any other housing option.
  • Introduce yourself to new people, for example during Göta studentkår's Inspark, and mention that you are looking for housing; a couch to sleep on or a room. You can also create an event on Facebook to increase your chances.
  • Be open to different areas. It may be easier to get an apartment in areas such as Biskopsgården, Backa and Bergsjön than in central parts of Gothenburg. Think about your priorities before turning down a first- or second-hand contract because of the situation.

Göta student union wishes you the best of luck in your search housing!