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akademiska kören

Akademiska kören

Akademinska kören (AK) was founded in 1919 at the student union of what was then known at Göteborgs Högskola, now university.

ass logga

ASS- Arbetsvetarnas studentsällskap

ASS (Workers' Students' Society) is the student group for those who study at Arbetsvetarprogrammet at the University of Gothenburg. ASS works to increase the quality of education and to make study time more enjoyable for those who study arbetsvetarprogrammet. 


The association for all students starting their bachelor program in computer science, and the master programs connected to it.
demos gu

Demos sektionsförening

Demos is the section association for political science students!

Festföreningen Haddock

Haddock was founded in 1995 as a sexmästeri at Göta studentkår
spexet logo


Filosofiska Lätta Knästående Spexargardet is Göta Studentkårs very own spex association.
gaso logo med g klav

Göteborgs Akademiska Symfoniorkester

The Gothenburg Academic Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1999, and consists of 40 students and former students. Lars Kvensler, violinist at the Gothenburg Opera, is our conductor. 

gufem logga


GU-Fem is the Feminist Student Society of the University of Gothenburg. Our mission is a more equal and inclusive university for everyone. 

humsex logotyp

Humanistiska Sexmästeriet

Humanistiska sexmästeriet’. ‘Humsex’. ‘Humansexet’. These are some of the many names for the same great group of people! Our home is Humanisten, and with the aid of our great mascot Toadie, we try to make studying at Humanisten just a little bit more humane.

humöret logga


Humöret is a student association created by students from Humanisten.
idrottsrådet gu


The sports council (Idrottsrådet) is an association that works to ensure that the members of Göta have access to physical activity in connection to their studies.

Kognitionssex Göteborg

Kog6 is the sexmästeri for students studying cognitive science at the IT-faculty at Lindholmen.

Lek- och Lärsexmästeriet

Lek- och Lärsexmästeriet (LoL6) is a sexmästeri at Pedagogen.
dum vivimus vivamus logga


MatNatSex is the oldest sexmästeri at the Faculty of Science


OOPsex is the sexmästeri for students studying Software Engineering and Management at the IT-faculty in Lindholmen.

What is a sexmästeri?



Patriciabaletten is the dance association at Göta studentkår. We perform at both corporate events and inaugurations aswell as student parties.


Pedagogen Students for Sustainability

Our purpose is to implement a more sustainable way of thinking at the faculty of education


Pedagogsexmästeriet is a student association at the Faculty of Education
pegasus logga


Pegasus is an association for students at the personalvetare programe at the faculty of social science
salsa söndag dans


The association Salsa&Söndag was founded in 1999 to provide both students and others the possibility to dance salsa and have a good time!


SciSS, Science Students for Sustainability, is a group of students, mainly from the department of science, that are interested in sustainability.

Sektionsföreningen KogVet

KogVet är en sektionsförening för dig som studerar kognitionsvetenskap.
politeia lejon

Sektionsföreningen Politeia

Politeia is a section asssociation aimed toward students at Förvaltningshögskolan at the University of Gothenburg

Sexmästeriet Byråsex

Byråsex is a party and pub association at the faculty of social science.
sg europa captain europe

SG Europa

This is the student group for students at the Centre for European Studies (CES) at the University of Gothenburg. We are a part of Göta studentkår, and on behalf of the student union, we appoint representatives to posts which are supposed to be occupied by a student at CES.

sg krom logo


The student group for Chemistry, Pharmacy and Molecular biology (SG KRoM) is an association organized underneath Göta studentkår working towards supporting students at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular biology.

sg miljö med groda

SG Miljö

SG Miljö is part of the section of science at Göta studentkår and is the section association for students studying environmental science


SKIP is an association for all students at the IT-faculty. We organize fun events like gaming nights, competitions
and other get-together-events. In addition, we are also hosting workshops and lectures on
current trends and topics of IT.

Globalas logga med jordgloben

Studentgruppen Globala

The Student Group on the Institution for Global Studies is a sub-body of Göta Studentkår.

tongångarne logga


Tongångarne is a show orchestra.