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Akademiska kören

Akademinska kören (AK) was founded in 1919 at the student union of what was then known at Göteborgs Högskola, now university. The choir has since its beginning been a typical student music association (in compairson to Lunds Studentsångförening and Stockholms Studentsångare) with both teachers, students and other graduates among its members. The number of singers have varied among the years, it was particularly difficult to keep the association running during the second world war, throughout the recent decades, the number of singers has remained around 40.

Akademiska kören has performed and entertained at the university’s ceremonies and inaugurations, at the Valborg celebrations. We have also performed at a variety of public occasions, often with the other male choirs of Gothenburg.

The repertoire mostly consists of traditional, Nordic, male choir song, but we have also made attempts at both Swedish and international contemporary music. A number of songs have also been composed especially for the choir. Throughout our history we have competed in a number of international contests and made countless of musical voyages in Europe.

The conductor is a key person, and we have had the pleasure to sing with eminent conductors with high demands which have both inspired and evolved our singers. For example, Tor Mann during the 1920s and 30s, Gunnar Eriksson during the early 70s and Daniel Helldén during the 80s.

A special collaboration with academic choirs in the Nordic cites of Bergen, Åbo and Aarhus was established during the postwar era. Our 100th anniversary was celebrated in 2019 together with these choirs brightened the celebration for both us and our audience.

Our target is to be about 40 active singers, with 10 of each vocal range (1st and 2nd bass, aswell as 1st and 2nd tenor). Singers of every range are welcome, for the autumn/winter semester we arrange a major Christmas concert, and in spring we arrange a concert for Valborg.

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akademiska kören