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Humanistiska Sexmästeriet

Humanistiska sexmästeriet’. ‘Humsex’. ‘Humansexet’. These are some of the many names for the same great group of people! Our home is Humanisten, and with the aid of our great mascot Toadie, we try to make studying at Humanisten just a little bit more humane. We arrange sittningar, parties, quizzes and all other sorts of lovely events, and everyone is invited. Whether you’re on the hunt for new friends, ready to discover the magical powers of the gummi bear juice, or just want to talk your head off in good company, Humsex is here for you. With our purple shirts, green ties and tweed jackets, we’re not hard to spot in a crowd. If you’d like to learn more about us, offer suggestions, or just hear a bad pun, get in touch.