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You can retake an exam, but you can't relive a party! Being a student isn't just about studying untill your eyes fall out, you have to socialize aswell. 
The best way to socialize is to join an association, and MatNatSex is one of those! 

What exactly is MatNatSex then?

MatNatSex is a partying assocation, also known as sexmästeri which consists of happy students from the faculty of science. A sure way to recognize us is by our red, green and blue coloured (in theory at least) lab-coats and the sound of our medals and bells clinging. 

What do we do?

We arrange parties and pubs for our fellow students (and ourselves). We travel to other universities in our beautiful country to party with other students. We are even part of the kick-off at the faculty of science! 

How do you get hold of us then?
You can either

  • Pull in our coats (be careful! the fabric is very brittle in some cases)
  • Attend one of our weekly meetings, held on wedensdays at 17:30 in Studenternas Hus.
  • Get in touch via facebook or email
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