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OOPsex is the sexmästeri for students studying Software Engineering and Management at the IT-faculty in Lindholmen.

What is a sexmästeri?
The "sex" part of "sexmästeri" is old Swedish and refers to the word "sexa" which means party. For example, the Swedish word for bachelor party is "svensexa". What can OOPsex do for me as a student?

To OOPsex is where you go to when your desires of partying outweigh your desires to study. OOPsex is also responsible to throw student parties (sittningar: sittings) for the people in the Software Engineering and Management programme which it represents. The sexmästeri’s sittings and parties is where you are when you in fact need to study and there may even be ET-raj(s) where you go to mourn or celebrate the past exam week.