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A home is a prerequisite for everyone to have the opportunity to pursue higher education. The lack of housing should never force a student to say no to their dream education.

A lot is being built today, but it is not being built for students.


In order for everyone who wants to have the chance to study in Gothenburg, there must be a good range of student housing around the city. It must also be built cheaper than what is done today for students to be able to afford a home. Therefore, the rents must maintain a reasonable level in relation to the study grant, while the quality of the home does not decrease.

Stay in Gothenburg

There must also be housing for newly graduated students. Many students today are far from the housing market after graduating. It should not matter if you were born in Gothenburg or if you have moved here, you should be able to stay in Gothenburg after your studies. It is important both for the individual but also for Gothenburg as a city.

How we affect the housing market

By influencing the city together with Gothenburg's united student unions (GFS) and the other student unions, we are a strong voice that together drives the issue of housing. Together, we run the GBG7000 + project with the goal of building at least 7000 student housing units by the year 2026. GFS also establishes the SGS foundation, where students sit on the board and are involved in influencing how future student housing will look and how the existing housing will be taken care of.

Göta studentkår wants
Göta studentkår wants
  • That all students starting at the University of Gothenburg are guaranteed a home
  • Introduce requirements for student housing to be planned in all new campus plans and in city planning
  • Build student housing in various sizes and shapes
  • Build close to campus and with good connections to campus
  • Keep rents for student housing low

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