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Inspark (Kick-off)



During the kick-off, you will get to know:

The University

Our phaddrar will teach you everything you need to know about the university, group rooms and the best study places.

Your Classmates

What at first are a lot of unfamiliar faces may well become friends for life.

Gothenburg for students

There is plenty to discover here, both for natives and newcomers to Gothenburg.

Congratulations, you are a student!

Welcome to the University of Gothenburg and an extra warm welcome to Göta studentkår, what a fantastic time you have ahead of you!

The decision to start studying is a big and important decision. What have you really gotten into? Months, maybe years, of exams, expensive course literature, incomprehensible theoretical reasoning and too much month left at the end of the money. Fortunately, you are not alone. And in order for you to get the chance to get to know everyone else who is taking their first tentative steps, Göta studentkår organizes lots of fun activities during the first weeks of the semester. Welcome to the kick-off!

How does it work?

The biggest kick-off weeks take place at the start of the autumn term, when we, together with our associations and "phaddrar", welcome thousands of new students to the five faculties that Göta studentkår represents. The kick-off is thus the first welcome weeks each semester that focuses on welcoming you as a new student to the university. We arrange parties, pub tours, city walks, sittings, barbecue evenings, pentathlons, film screenings and much more so that you who are new to the university get the best possible start in your study time and have the opportunity to get to know your section, your fellow students and Gothenburg as a student city.

Wait, section?

Göta studentkår represents five of the university's eight faculties, and each faculty has its own section within the student union's organization. In the autumn, the kick-off is arranged in all five sections at the same time, while in the spring term we only run in the Humanities section, the Social Sciences section and the Educational Sciences section.

Choose your section and read more about what happens there!

A few words about our fantastic coordinators, phaddrar and associations.

Each kick-off is planned by kick-off coordinators, who are students chosen by the student union to have the overall responsibility for the kick-off in your particular section. Together with hundreds of phaddrar (students who are there to help you as a new student get into student life - you recognize them on their colored t-shirts!) And about fifty committed associations, we make sure that the kick-off experience is a fantastic start to your time as a student at the University of Gothenburg.

Take a closer look at what the Kick-off is all about.

Insparksoffan from Autumn term has interviews, reports and lots of information about what happens during the kick-off. The playlist is loaded!