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The Board

The Board


Chairman Karl Nilsson
Instagram: gota_itsec
Discord: Karl Nilsson#1337
Messenger: Karl Nilsson
Phone: +4670 - 955 88 91

Welcome to the IT section!

The IT section represents all students studying at the Gothenburg university IT Faculty.
You can find more information about all the work we do at Göta studentkår here.

Education Monitoring

Our most important goal is to make your educational experience exceed your expectations so that you are well prepared when entering the labor market. The IT industry is constantly changing, and in line with that we always strive to improve our courses by finding student representatives for the right committee, by developing our course evaluations and by facilitating the communication between students and teachers at the IT Faculty.

We also handle all student matters related to the university. If you feel like you’re being mistreated by a teacher, being unfairly judged on an exam or just need help with a question related to your studies, don't hesitate to contact the section Chairman. 

Social matters

Passing your studies isn’t the only important thing about being a student, the social life is an important aspect as well! We organize a range of various events for all members of Göta Studentkår: follow us on our social media channels in order not to miss out on anything exciting going on right now.

We have several active associations at the faculty and they all work hard to optimize your student life, by arranging “sittningar”, kickoffs and other fun activities. If you scroll down on this page you can find all associations that are currently active, you could also start a new association if you think something is missing. Maybe you have a passion for dancing? Maybe something completely different, like chess or gaming and you could start a LAN/chess-club!

What else do we do?

The things mentioned above isn't all we do at Göta studentkår, we aim to act as a bridge between the business world and students to improve the labour market prospects. In addition we organize job fairs during the year, where we invite companies that work within the IT sector. Improving the working environment is also an important focus area for the student union.

Contact the section Chairman for any kind of questions, either by dropping by the office at house Patricia in Lindholmen or through any of the communication channels.
Office hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-17:00




In focus

IT Pedagogical Prize 2023
It is time to nominate your teacher or teachers to the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize of 2023.
Student på kognitionsvetenskap?
Är du intresserad av att göra din utbildning i kognitionsvetenskap ännu bättre?
New Student at the IT Section 2022
Have you been admitted to a program within the IT section for autumn 2022? Congratulations! Find more information here.

The associations are your path to a richer student life

The IT section has two sexmästerier (party-associations) and section associations that focus specifically on the various programs. Do you want to invent fun stuff with your program but see that there is no association? Then it's time to create one! Contact us at and we will help you!

IT-section on Instagram

Follow the IT section on instagram and you will not miss any fun that is going on!