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Mecenat and public transportation discounts in Gothenburg



Mecenat and public transportation discounts in Gothenburg

Finding it hard to navigate the student discounts in Gothenburg? We got you covered.


The mecenat app gives you plenty of student discounts and also serves as your membership certificate for the Göta. Install the Mecenat app and you always have access to current discounts.

The digital card in the app will display a Göta logo when you become a member.

Please note that you need to be registered for courses for the current semester in order for the card to update correctly. During the start of term it may take up to five days for the card to update. Keep checking your app, and if it doesn't work after five days, contact us.

The symbols on the bottom right of the card shows you which discounts you have. The middle one is the student travel symbol.

Unlock additional discounts by becoming a Göta member

Student discount on Västtrafik – the public transport system

As a student you are entitled to a student discount on Västtrafik. The student discount means that you can buy your period ticket at youth price, so you should choose the option "youth ticket" (Ungdom) when purchasing your ticket through the Västtrafik app. The student discount applies when you buy 30-, 90- and 365-day period tickets and you get a 25 % discount.

To be able to travel with the student discount you need to have your digital mecenat card in the mecenat app with the student travel symbol visible on the card. If you are confronted to show a valid ticket, please note that you need to be able to present the following three items to pass the inspection and not risk a fine:

  • A valid Västtrafik period ticket (in the Västtrafik app)
  • A valid Mecenat card (in app) with the student travel symbol visible
  • A valid personal ID

How much do I need to study in order to get a discount on västtrafik?

To get the Student Travel Symbol on your mecenat card, you must study with at least 50% study scope during the current semester and for at least 10 weeks during the current semester.

At GU this corresponds to at least 15 credits.