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Thank you for being a member!

As a member you support Göta studentkår in our work to quality assure your education and improve your study situation. As a thank you, of course, we want to give back as much as we can to you as a member! Below you will find all the benefits that come with a membership in Göta studentkår. 

Member pricing

Members always receive substantial discounts on admission prices and tickets to our events. Sometimes these are even completely exclusive to members!


As a member, you get a unique opportunity to get involved during your studies, both in education-related issues and in questions that relate to everything from the labor market to parties and other fun stuff!

A study time to remember

It may sound abstract, but without members like you, the student union would never have had enough muscle to be able to push through many of the things we all today take for granted at the university.


All membership benefits

We are constantly looking for more ways to give back to you as a member. If you have any suggestions or requests about what benefits we should offer our members, do not hesitate to contact us!


As you know, the mecenat card gives you who is studying access to a variety of discounts. For you as a Göta member, it also acts as a membership card. Download the Mecenat app to gain access to the digital Mecenat card with the Göta logo and have it ready when events happen to gain membership prices!


When you have struggled hard to finally get hold of a student accommodation, you want to take care of it ! As a member of Göta studentkår you receive SEK 250 in discount on a home insurance the first year. That is, you get the full membership fee back, directly in pure money!


Gothenburg City Theater

Do all your classmates seem more educated and culturally developed than you? Kepp calm, a membership in Göta studentkår gives you access to free tickets and previews at the Gothenburg City Theater! Keep an eye on our social media, first come, first served!





At Fysiken you can earn back the money you paid for your membership! Fysiken is a gym located in various parts of Gothenburg, they offer a lot of different exercise opportunities for student-friendly prices. As a member of Göta studentkår, you receive a 100 SEK discount on the student price when you buy an annual card at Fysiken.


Members of Göta studentkår get access to Studenthäftet, a discount booklet with discounts on shops, restaurants, cafes and activities all over Gothenburg! Are you a member? Be sure to pick up a booklet at one of the section offices or at the expedition in Studenternas hus at Götabergsgatan 17!


SGS Studentbostäder

Wait, what happened? Well, it was you who got three extra months in the SGS housing queue when you became a member of Göta studentkår! Continue to be a member and we will fix another extra month in the housing queue per semester!


O'Learys Järntorget
O'Learys Järntorget

On Mondays we have great prices on food and drinks, PLUS free activities like shuffle board and bowling at O'Learys Järntorget. In addition, the entire week, the members of Göta studentkår enjoy student-friendly 15% discount on food, non-alcoholic drinks and activities. The After work concept is ready to use, see you there!




As a member of Göta studentkår you receive a 20% discount on all courses at Folkuniversitetet! Perfect for those who have written "can work in Excel" on their resume and now actually need to learn how it works, want to improve their photo-skill or just want to learn something new.