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Membership benefits

Being a member of the students union is very important. But it's also a pretty sweet deal!

Member prices
Member prices

Members always receive substantial discounts on admission prices and tickets to our events. Sometimes these are even completely exclusive to members!


As a member, you get a unique opportunity to get involved during your studies, both in education-related issues and in questions that relate to everything from the labor market to parties and other fun stuff!


We are Göta studentkår together. Many of the perks we take for granted at uni would never have been possible without us students working together.

Your voice is important. We make sure it's heard.

The power and influence of the students union grows with every new member. 

All membership benefits

O'Learys Järntorget

On Mondays we have great prices on food and drinks, PLUS free activities like shuffle board, bowling, and karaoke. In addition members of Göta studentkår enjoy student-friendly 15% discount on food, non-alcoholic drinks and activities all days of the week.

The After work concept is ready to use, see you there!



Fysiken has gym facilities close to the major student housing complexes around town. Try them out on one of our member exclusive training events or sign up for a years training and get the Fysiken membership fee for free!



As a member of Göta studentkår you receive a 20% discount on all courses at Folkuniversitetet! Perfect if

  • you've written "can work in Excel" on your resumé and now actually need to learn how it works
  • want to improve your camera-skills
  • or just want to learn how to keep bees.



Tons of student discounts and proof of membership with Göta in one convenient place! Download the Mecenat app and make your student life a thousand times easier to manage.



As a student, you get access to the WeStudents app. The app gives you 2 for 1 or 50% offers in lots of shops, restaurants, cafes and activities all over Gothenburg!

Download WeStudents and register so you don't miss a thing!


Göteborgs Stadsteater (Gothenburg City Theater)

Verkar alla dina klasskompisar mer allmänbildade och kulturellt utvecklade än du?Keep calm, a membership in Göta studentkår gives you access to free tickets and previews at the Gothenburg City Theater! You'll be quoting Shakespeare in no time.



SGS Studentbostäder

Wait, what happened? Well, it was you who got three extra months in the SGS Student Housing queue when you became a member of Göta studentkår!

Please note that SGS Student Housing only registers new members twice a year, on first of April and first of November. For questions or concerns, please contact SGS Student Housing here.



Avidnote is an app that enables students and researchers to organize all text material efficiently online. For example course material, documents, articles, reports and lecture slides. Everything is done digitally, where your notes and uploaded documents are placed side by side.

You who are members of the Göta student union now get the premium version of Avidnote completely free! (ordinary price approx. SEK 2,000/year)

För att ta del av erbjudandet använder du koden: GU



Sing Sing Kungsgatan

Are you ready to be hoarse with joy? Welcome to student karaoke at Sing Sing Kungsgatan! Every Thursday we have great prices on food and drink, PLUS free karaoke with the purchase of food and drink.

All week, Göta student union members also enjoy a student-friendly 15% on food, non-alcoholic drinks and karaoke.

See you there!



Welcome to Gothenburg's hottest nightclub! We are excited to introduce another member benefit, Yaki-Da! As a member of the Göta student union, you have your ticket secured to the epicenter of the party every Wednesday.

Best of all, entry is completely free until 11:30 p.m. for those 20 and over.

See you there!