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New Student at the IT Section 2022

What is the IT section Inspark?

The IT section consists of the following bachelor's programs:

and the master's programs:

The bachelor programs have their own Inspark where each of them have their own Inspark coordinator which is responsible to make sure that your Inspark becomes the best it can be.

The master programs are divided as shown above. Visit the link at your program to end up in the correct group.

How do I find my Inspark schedule?

Your Inspark schedule is located where you find information from your program. Follow the link at the program name above to reach the right place.

The IT section Instagram is a great way to stay updated on program specific news surrounding both the Inspark coupled with updates from the section board.

How do I ask a question that isn't present here?

To contact the one responsible for your Inspark or if you have a general question, join the Facebook group or Discord and ask the question there. You can also always send me a mail through


To make sure that everyone feels welcome our Inspark coordinators have helping hands in the form of invaluable faddrar which will be ready to help you get going in your program. We look forward to meeting you.

Let's GO Inspark 2022!