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The 2024 election results

The 2024/25 council election is over and the votes have been counted. The result was the following:


Votes distributed among candidates:

Candidate Klara Welmsö 110 votes
Candidate Julia Linnarsson 56 votes
Candidate Carl Christensson 16 votes
List Paddingtons vänner 65 votes
List Sverkerlistan 129 votes
List Nora med Vänner 23 votes
List Knapptryckarkompaniet  36 votes
Blank Vote  31 votes


Elected members in order:

1. Sverkerlistan: (Maja Ahlström)
2. Individual candidate: Klara Welmsö
3. Paddingtons vänner: (Timothy Rudhner)
4. Sverkerlistan: (Alexander Långdahl)
5. Individual candidate: Julia Linnarsson
6. Sverkerlistan: (Else André Klingspor)
7. Knapptryckarkompaniet: (Albin Otterhäll)
8. Paddingtons vänner: (Elliot Rexenius)
9. Sverkerlistan: (Saga Fogelberg)
10. Nora med vänner: (Linnéa Löfström)
11. Sverkerlistan: (Matilda Nevalainen)
12. Paddingtons vänner: (Elsa Svensson)
13. Knapptryckarkompaniet: (Samuel Hammersberg)
14. Sverkerlistan: (Jesper Landin)
15. Individual candidate: Carl Christensson
16. Sverkerlistan: (Olivia Bergström)
17. Paddingtons vänner: (Emelie Cimbritz)
18. Sverkerlistan: (Egon Johnsson Åberg)
19. Nora med vänner: (Nora Elmgren)
20. Sverkerlistan: (Olle Gustafsson)
21. Paddingtons vänner: (Louise Olsson)

Number of votes: 466 votes received, of which 31 were blank.

Many thanks to everyone who voted!

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