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Nominations for positions of trust 2024/25 are open!

On April 20, our newly elected council will hold a first constitutive meeting. During this meeting, for example, Göta student union's next union chairman, section chairman for all sections and other positions of trust are chosen.

Between February 15 and March 10, nominations for the following assignments are open. In short, it works like this:

  1. Nominations open. All members can nominate themselves or another member for any of the assignments.
  2. All nominees are reviewed by the Nomination Committee, which continuously calls candidates for interviews for the various positions.
  3. The selection committee compiles a foreword, a proposal of who they believe should be elected to the respective post.
  4. The constituency council reads the foreword, if necessary asks supplementary questions to the candidates and votes during the constitutive council meeting on April 20.

Please note that you (or the person you nominate) need to be a member of the Göta student union in order to be elected to any of the assignments.

The tasks for which we are now opening nominations are the following:

Full-time assignments (all of these assignments are remunerated)
  • Choir chairman
  • Vice chairman of the union
  • Event and association coordinator
  • Education Monitoring Coordinator
  • Section chairman Social science section
  • Vice section chairman, Social Sciences Section
  • Section chairman Educational science section
  • Section chairman Humanist section
  • Section chairman Natural scientists section
  • Section chairman IT section
Other positions of trust (not full-time)
  • Speaker - fee per meeting
  • Deputy Speaker - fee per meeting
  • Business auditor - not remunerated
  • Section board member (all sections) - not remunerated

The following roles exist as a member of a section board:

  • Education supervisor responsibility
  • Communication responsibility
  • Labor market responsibility
  • Student social responsibility
  • Work environment responsibility
What are the assignments about?

The easiest way to answer that question is either by reading our mission descriptions found here. If you are still curious and want to know more, you can contact the respective representative here. Please note that Swedish is the organization's working language, so it is important that you have atleast a basic understanding; writing and reading.

Other times to keep track of!

You who are selected for a full-time assignment must be present during the handover, which are the weeks where you will be introduced to your assignment and get to share important information and knowledge and, of course, meet your future colleagues! The handover takes place between the period 10 June and 30 June and takes place during the day, starting from Studenternas hus. The delivery is of course paid for.

  • 1-2 days in May (to be determined in consultation with representatives)
  • The entire submission (from June 10 to June 30)

The assignment officially starts on July 1, 2024 and runs until June 30, 2025.

Kindly observe that the application form is only available in Swedish!

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