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The Representative Assembly



The Representative Assembly

The Representative Assembly is the highest decision-making body of Göta studentkår. It sets the framework for Göta studentkår’s activities, budget and other general issues. The Representative Assembly also has the task to elect the fulltimers of Göta studentkår, the union board and the section boards.The members of the Representative Assembly are elected once a year and anyone is allowed to run, the only requirement is that you are a member of Göta studentkår. The election is held during the spring term.

In the Representative Assembly there are both individual members and so-called lists, which roughly correspond to political parties or coalitions where members with similar interests for the union have come together. The Representative Assembly consists of up to 21 members. In the voting count, a reserve list is made, which means that the Representative Assembly is filled up if there is a drop-off. If one person jumps off, it is replaced first by the next person on the same list, and otherwise by the next person on the reserve list. If there are more members than there are substitutes, the size of the council will decrease.

All members can submit motions to the Representative Assembly, the union board or the section boards. To submit a motion to the council or the union board, send an email to


The Representative Assembly 20/21 consists of:


Individual members:

Alexandra Ghafari

David Thomsen

Martin Eklund

Jonatan Dovner

Viktor Arohlén

Najomi Brezina

Rasmus Lukk

Hampus Haugland

Tova Tabacsko

Rasmus Andersson


Robert Johnsson

William Palmér

Alex-Julius Malmqvist

Fabian Håkansson


Karolina Tecza

Valfri dryck på kåren:

Axel Andersson

Kognitiv aktion:

Jaqueline Darnakas

Emelie Aalto

Alexander Wåhlander

The SEM party:

Johnny Hamnesjö Olausson

David Lindgren