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Union Active

Göta wouldn't be anything without its volunteers.

Who is an active Göta member?

Anyone that volunteers to make our study time and the education better and more exciting.

The vision of Göta studentkår is "“We make a study time to remember possible and secure an education to be proud of”. It is clear and diffuse at the same time. It's a feature, not a bug. We know that commitments arrive in all forms and colors, and it would be a shame if we from the start made a narrow definition of what we mean.

Instead we want to be your toolbox. The commitment should come from you who has an idea or a driving force. We want to be there for you to support, help and cheer you on.

Below we list some of the projects that our students have been volunteering with. These projects have given them both friends for life and amazing merits that has given them awesome internships and jobs.


In order to pull off the Göta Inspark every autumn and spring term there is a need for a lot of planning and coordination. Every section has a coordinator group with a project leader, treasurer and communicator. They plan activities and budgets months before the Inspark. In time they ask for help, most often from their respective section party associations (sexmästerier) and section associations in order to implement all of the events. There are also hundreds of phadders, regular students who takes the responsibility to introduce the new students into the magnificent world of the University.


During many years the network exhibition Spira has been the given meeting place between students and their future professional careers. No Spira exhibition could be hosted without an ambitious project group and all of the fantastic volunteers that is there for the exhibition day. They do everything from carrying tables to handing out information and just making the world spin.

During the spring term 2020 Spira got the new name Inspire.

glada människor i projektgruppen för spira nätverksmässa
Project group and volunteers for the Spira exhibition 2016
Section Associations

We find many names for those we love. Throughout the years they have been called subject groups, student groups, SGs, union associations and much more. The section association is the one who is closest to you as a student. More often than not it is only targeting a program or an institution. A lot of the Göta Chairmen were once volunteering in a section association or a sexmästeri. There are usually a lot of social activities and educational monitoring which understandably takes some time, and it would never have been possible without all of the amazing students who volunteer their free time!


Have you ever seen a person in a colorful overall or coat full of fabric marks and other decorations? Then it is a good chance that you've seen a living sexmästerist! Perhaps you have an initial skepticism regarding this matter but it will quickly evaporate when you realize that this fantastic group of people work hard both day and night to make the student life between the exams giving and fun for all students. They usually host everything from themed pubs to sittings and they are also pulling a large load of the work in regards to the Inspark. To volunteer in a sexmästeri is a proven way to get friends for life and put a golden edge on your study time.

Student Representatives och Student Work Environment Representative

Lastly, but most likely the opposite to least, is our hundreds of student representatives and SAMOs (Student Work Environment Representatives). It is through these students the Göta main task is being canalized. They are sort of a nail in the side of the university in all matters that in any way regards students and our education. Thanks to these peoples' tireless work we can make sure that the student perspective isn't forgotten or discarded. Regardless if it about picking the right literature for a course or the right person to become principal over GU.

If you have time and desire to volunteer, contact your section board today and speak the magic words: "I want to volunteer"!