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What do the students think? Part 1 - Instagram

During the autumn, we at the Göta student union asked what you as a student thought about various student-related issues, partly on Instagram and partly during the coffee days. Many of you answered the questions, which we find enormously fun and extremely important as we want to drive the Göta student union in the direction you students want. Of course, we also want to continue to have a dialogue with you, where we can go in depth with these issues, because we have only scratched the surface. Here follows a compilation of the results from Instagram with a shorter analysis. A compilation of the results from the coffee days will be in Part 2.

Should the free amount...

Here, there were many who believed that the free amount (income limit) should be increased or completely removed. At the same time, there were also several voices that wanted to keep it as it is today. Mixed opinions! Good news for you who want to increase the free amount is that it will actually be increased by around SEK 8,000 at the turn of the year 22/23.


Regarding the education, most of you are very satisfied with your education. We are glad to hear! However, there are some who are not satisfied with their education and of course it shouldn't be that way. Don't forget that you can always contact us for help with problems, big or small, when it comes to your education. We can help and support you with, for example, unfair assessments, messy canvas pages, but also with your experience of the education, is it too easy or difficult? We want you to be satisfied with your education here at Gothenburg University. Do you have thoughts or concerns? Get in touch now!

Course literature

Over half of all who answered agree that the course literature is far too expensive, unfortunately course literature is a bad necessity to pass the studies. The University Library (UB) offers a lot of literature to borrow, both digitally and on site. An excellent tip for reducing the cost of course literature. In addition to that, you can always check with UB if they have the opportunity to purchase more of various articles or course books that are needed for the various courses. Of course, you should always contact us at Göta student union if a teacher or lecturer neglects the course literature or forces you to acquire literature that is then never needed; something that, to say the least, can feel bitter!

Student apartment

A smaller percentage of you on Instagram live in a student apartment. Most live in other forms such as collectives, ordinary tenancies and condominiums or at home with their parents. It is quite logical because there is approximately one (1) student apartment for every six (6) students in Gothenburg. According to you, the rents are reasonably high, but not too high. We think this is mainly due to the rapid inflation and the increasing electricity prices, which means that the landlords are forced to raise the rents. In addition, the student aid is not adjusted until the end of the year, which leaves its mark on the student budget. Together with our partner organization Göteborgs Förenade Studentkårer (GFS), we do what we can to convince SGS Student Housing and the city's politicians to build more housing.

The future

In order to continue this dialogue with you, we will be available during the spring CSN breakfasts, where we will invite you to an opinion square on various student political themes. Feel free to talk to us there or send us an email about what exactly you think is important when it comes to student politics! More information about spring's different themes will come soon.