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We represent students at the faculties of social sciences, art/humanities, educational sciences, IT and natural sciences.

For information about the GU welcome programme 2018, visit www.gu.se/welcomeprogramme.

For information about Göta studentkårs Kick-off, visit mottagning.gotastudentkar.se. Information is available in English and Swedish.

Click here or on the image to view the welcome pdf with information about Göta studentkår and Mecenat for the start of the autumn term of 2018. (if you've received a welcome letter in Swedish from Mecenat in the mail, this is the English translation of that page)


Göta studentkår

We are currently the largest students' union in Gothenburg and the second largest in Sweden, representing some 18,000 students. The members of the presidium and union board are trustees elected to lead Göta studentkår over the academic year 2017/2018. We see our main task as working towards improving your education and your study time here at the University of Gothenburg. Among other considerations, we appoint student representatives in all governing bodies at the University, we aim to increase the number of study places, and make education more accessible for those with disabilities.

As a member of Göta studentkår, you will not only contribute to our work towards bettering the education offered by the University, you will also have access to all our special member benefits. For example, one of the most useful benefits availbe to union members is the right to three extra months on the queue at SGS student housing. As a member you also get our discount booklet, with offers on lunch, groceries, coffee and other useful things around Gothenburg. If you enjoy working out, we can also recommend Fysiken, where members of Göta studentkår are entitled to a discount on their gym membership.

For those of you who are extra ambitious, there is also the possibility of becoming an active member of Göta studentkår, with the amount of the time you wish to devote to the union being left entierly up to you: you are free to take part as much or as little as you want! For instance you can act as a mentor to new students, or why not run for the governing body or the board of your specific section? You can also get involved by joining one of Göta studentkårs student groups.

If you want your academic life to be fuller- not to mention more fun- please join us today.


1. Som medlem visar du för universitetet att det är viktigt att de lyssnar på studenterna, tillsammans är vi starka
2. För din medlemsavgift kan studentkåren fortsätta arbeta för att din utbildning ska hålla hög kvalitet och ha ett gott rykte nu och i framtiden
3. Som medlem kan du enkelt själv engagera dig för att förbättra din utbildning eller utöka ditt sociala liv genom att engagera dig i en studentgrupp eller gå med i någon av alla kårföreningar som finns.


För dig som läser socionomprogrammet, psykologi, europakunskap, journalistik, personalvetarprogrammet, arbetsvetarprogrammet, offentlig förvaltning, globala studier, statsvetenskap, kriminologi eller något annat på Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten vid Göteborgs universitet.
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Utbildningsvetenskapliga sektionen
För dig som läser programmen hälsopromotion, kostekonomi, sports coaching, pedagogik, speciallärare, barn- och ungdomsvetenskap, didaktik, förskollärare, grundlärare, ämneslärare, yrkeslärare, rektor eller något annat på utbildningsvetenskapliga fakulteten.
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För dig som läser på Humanistiska fakulteten: T.ex. språk, religion, historia, kultur mfl.  Klicka här för att läsa mer!
For those who study at the Faculty of Arts: for example language, religion, history, culture etc. Click here for more information!

För dig som studerar allt från mineral, komplexa tal, relativitetsteorin, havsnivåhöjningar, DNA-molekylens uppbyggnad och mycket mer.
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IT Section
If you study at the Information Technology faculty, we are your student union and work tirelessly to ensure that your study time with us will be pleasant, safe and fruitful.
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För dig som läser forskarutbildning inom humaniora, IT, naturvetenskap, samhällsvetenskap eller utbildningsvetenskap.


Bli stödmedlem
Har du slutat studera men vill fortsätta stödja kårens arbete?
Bli stödmedlem!


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