How is Göta studentkår organized?

Göta studentkår have ten elected student representatives working full-time in order to work toward the improvment of our students' opportunities, both educational and otherwise. This is achieved, fot the most part, in adherence to our strategical plan, as well as by taking responsibility for issues pertaining to students. Those working in this capacity by the Union are:

The presidium

This is made up of the Union Chariman and two vice Chairs. In conjuction with the proper, this bureau is responsible fot the logistical and administrative aspects of the organization.

Contact details to the presidium can be found here.

The Sections

The indiviual sections work toward improving the quality of your studies and endeavour to make your time as a student as fulfilling as possible. They achieve this by, amongst other things, organizing special lectures in order to help complete your education, as well as appointing student representatives to the faculty boards with a view to presenting the student's points of view within the University proper.

Göta studentkår's section are; the Arts Section, the Social Sciences Section, the Science Section, the IT section, the Education section and the Doctoral Student Section.

In conjunction with the student groups within each respective section, the Student Union offers a wide variety of activities, such as parties, job fairs, film screenings and much more.

If you would like to find an existing student group or even start your own, feel free to contact the Union section to which you belong.


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