Rights and responsibilities

The University is a public authority and is therefore subject to a number of laws and ordinances, such as the Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Ordinance. The University has to comply with a large number of local rules and applications as well.

The Swedish Higher Education Authority is the name of the government agency that monitors compliance with applicable laws among Swedish universities and university colleges.

The website of the Swedish Higher Education Authority has links to laws and ordinances governing higher education institutions. It also offers information about what you can do if you feel that a university or university college has violated an applicable regulation.

www.uk-ambetet.se (english website)
The Higher Education Act (only in Swedish)
The Higher Education Ordinance (only in Swedish)

Local Rules for Studies

Local Rules for Studies at the University of Gothenburg went into effect 1 May 2013, replacing Rules and Regulations for Studies at the University of Gothenburg. 

The local rules are to be interpreted and utilised employing a student-centred perspective and shall – together with other steering documents issued by the University as well as applicable laws and ordinances – help facilitate good conditions for studies at the University.

More information on the documents that control the Universities activities is found under Steering documents in the menu to the right. 

Student ombudsmen

Should you encounter problems during your studies at Gothenburg University, you are welcome to get in touch with the student ombudsmen at GUS. They assist students at all levels, undergraduate students as well as PhD students.

The student ombudsmen's mandate cover three main tasks:

-  To help students who encounter problems with their education.

-  To investigate student related issues.

-  To support students who are summoned to appear in front of the disciplinary committee at Gothenburg University.

The student ombudsmen also assist the student unions in finding out exactly where the University's governing body of laws, rules and regulations stand on various topics, matters and issues. 

Contact the student ombudsmen here >>

Information for students with dyslexia or visual impairment

Reading Studio

Special reading studios, with speech synthesis, magnifying programme and other facilities, are available at the Biomedical Library, the Central Library, the Economics Library, and the Education Library.

Remote Access – Working from Home
As a student at Gothenburg University, you can easily access our electronic resources from home. Log in with the information on your library card.

Special software is available for dyslectic or visually impaired students.

Special Support for Visually Impaired or Dyslectic Students
The Gothenburg University Library offers special support to visually impaired or dyslectic students. To get access to these facilities you have to present a certificate issued by Ingvor Berndt, university coordinator, tel. 031-786 13 23

Textbook Loans
The Gothenburg University Library provides extended loan periods to visually impaired or dyslectic students. The normal period of 14 days is extended to 30 days. The University Library can also assist you in ordering obligatory university course textbooks produced by Legimus.


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