Student Groups & Organizations



What is a student group?

The student group is the part of the student union that works closest to you as a student. The groups activities could be about anything from educational issues to what is often called student welfare questions (a.k.a. parties, games, pubs, sports associations, etc). At the IT-section we need more student groups in order to stay more in touch with each program and it's students. Student groups are generally related to what program you are in. To see information about our existing student groups, please look at the menu on the left.

What do student groups work with?

The student group works with local program- and ourse-specific issues relating to education surveillance and student welfare activity. Is the course-litterature list being published on time? Are the course-plans available? Did I get my course-schedule on time? Have my exams been corrected in time? These are some of the education surveillance questions which student groups work with. Many student groups also work with student welfare questions such as pubs, movie-nights, lectures, etc.




What is a student organization?

The student organization is a more official group which receives 'organization-status' from Göta Studentkår and is usually created for certain purpose other than helping out the in student welfare questions, or improving a program. Organizations have their own agenda and purpose for existing. They also have more official structure than student groups, meaning a list of guidelines - "stadgar", which the organization has to follow at all times, and which has to follow Göta's set of rules.

What do student organizations work with?

That depends entirely on an organization itself, but it usually something devoted to something else than improving students life at a program, since student groups already work with that. There are truly many purposes for a student organization, from devoted role to organizing educational events, to primarely organizing parties around their section. However, whatever activity organization devotes itself to, has to follow Göta's rules.




You HAVE to be a Göta member in order to be a part of a student group or organization!


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