Student Representatives

According to Swedish law students have a right to influence and codecide on issues concerning their education.

"Students at the University have the right to be represented in all decision-making and planning body within the University whose activities are relevant to education and to their situation."  

          -University Regulations Chapter 3 § 9


Councils & Committees for Student Representatives


Student representatives are present both at the faculty level and at the institutional level. Usually, the questions discussed at the faculty level are more general issues, while the department council meetings discuss issues "closer to the ground" and more specific to each institution and their programs.


Would you like to be more than just a student? 

Join us and become a student representative! We are always looking for students that are engaged and want to improve not only themselves but the university itself! Being a student representative means you represent students in your program and sometimes in your whole department and get to bring up issues to the Faculty’s attention. You need to be interested in students’ issues and have at least one year more of your studies left.  If you would like to nominate yourself write a short description about yourself to

After we have received your application, you will be invited for an informal interview where we will decide together which committee or board in the IT Facutly fits your interests best.  


Benefits for you as a student representative:

• Establishing contacts at the faculty
• Be the voice of the students
• Getting some valuable experience
• Getting paid per meeting attended 


Make sure to read the 'Frequently Asked Questions' (to the left) where you will find answers to many of your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us at


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