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Union election

The members of the Representative Assembly are elected once a year through a union election. Anyone is allowed to run, the only requirement is that you are a member of Göta studentkår.

Through the union election, you as a member can influence the organization.

What is a union election?

Every spring, Göta studentkår arranges the union election. Prior to the election, all members are welcome to run for a seat on next year's Representative Assembly, the student union's highest decision-making body. During the election, all members can vote for the candidates they want to see in the council. After the election, the election results will be presented and the new councils will hold a constituent meeting for the coming financial year at the end of April.

The Representative Assembly

The Representative Assembly is Göta studenkår's highest decision-making body and consists of 21 members who all represent Göta studentkår's members. The council decides on overall matters such as the budget, business plan and governing documents. Being part of the Representative Assembly means that you are involved in deciding how Göta studentkår should function, which issues we should prioritize and in what way this is expressed in the daily activities. It is an exciting and rewarding assignment that gives you a chance to be involved and influence big decisions, as well as a significant line in your CV.

How to vote
How to vote

The election is held during the spring term and voting takes place digitally via Mecenat. You log in with your regular Mecenat login.