Spira 2019

Time to apply to Spira work fair 2019project team! We are now accepting the applications to fill the roles for Spira work fair teams in your sections! If you are interested in being part of future event at your faculty, send an email with your CV and motivational letter to spira@gota.gu.se before 1st of November with specifying to which Spira project are you applying.

Read more about Spira and the project roles below!

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About Spira

Spira is Göta studentkår’s work and career fair organised for students by students every spring at Social Sciences (Spira Samhälle at Campus Haga), and Educational Sciences faculties (Spira Pedagogen). In 2018 we have expanded to the Natural Sciences faculty and organised the first Spira fair at Geovetarcentrum (Spira Science). We have also included Arts faculty (Humanisten) in the Spira Pedagogen event in the spring of 2018.

The main focus of the Spira work fairs is to create a networking event to bring companies and organisations, and students together. Spira means to grow in Swedish (related as well to the English word aspire) and thus with Spira we encourage students to grow in their professional and personal lives and for the companies to grow with us together. During the event students can explore career opportunities after their studiesand  find possible work places or thesis assignments. Companies and organisations from both the private and public sector can share their information about available positions, internships, thesis, and summer job positions, provide information about application processes, and meet the potential employees. During the day students are also provided with various lectures, workshops, and seminars.

Why join the Spira project team?

Spira is an event organised for students by students and thus we need you, students, to bring it to life and create amazing experience for all attending and participating parties. You have the opportunity to work on a project aimed at helping your fellow students find their career paths, possible workplaces, build their skills and self-confidence for the future.

Joining our project team grants you an amazing opportunity to gain practical experience in fields of project management, business, strategic and organisational communication, marketing, social media management, public relations, and event management. It is a way to apply your knowledge and skills in a practical setting, learn about leadership, learn to know yourself and your strengths, improve and develop your social skills, and work in team.

Working with Spira also gives you access to a wide pool of contacts for your future, and your team mates can become your future references for your own work applications.

Finally, while leading and working with a project can be stressful at times, it can also be fun, rewarding, give you lots of confidence, new experiences, contacts and friends!

Spira project team

Project groups consists of 4 to 15 people. Each project team has a project leader and 3 sub-teams with group leaders for each group.

Project leader

The Project leader is the person who oversees and manages the project from the beginning till the end, coordinates the work of the internal work groups, plans and monitors the budget, coordinates work with the head coordinator and the boards at Göta studentkår.

As a project leader, you should be self-driven, initiative taking, people oriented, motivated person, organised and structured, have good written and verbal communication skills in Swedish and English, have leadership and management skills. Extra merits if you have experience in planning and managing projects or events.

If you would like to know more about position read the full description here >>

Business relations group and business relations group manager

The Business relations group is responsible for inviting and marketing the event to the potential exhibitors at the fair, maintaining communication with them, coordinate workshops, lectures and other pre-events, search and communicate with potential sponsors, maintain communication after the fair and follow up the event. This is a group for those who wish to gain experience in business communication and sales.

The Business relations manager is the person in charge of coordinating the business relations group. They plan the communication and marketing for the potential exhibitors and sponsors and coordinates work together with the project leader and other groups.

As business relations manager you are expected to be self-driven, motivated person who could lead the team, have a marketing mindset, have excellent written and verbal communication skills in Swedish and English. Having an experience with Swedish business culture is a merit.

If you would like to know more about the group and business relations group manager position read the full description here >>

Public relations group and public relations group manager

The PR group is responsible for marketing and promoting the event to the students, creating communication strategies and marketing plans, designing profile materials, catalogue, flyers, posters and administrating social media and web. This group is for those who love to tweet, post, snapchat, Instagram-it, who love communicating with students, are creative, or like to work with graphic design.

The Public relations manager is the person in charge of coordinating the public relations group, creates marketing and communication strategies aimed at students, plans the use of profile materials and promotion timeline, coordinates work together with other project groups in the team and project leader.

As public relations manager you are expected to be self-driven, motivated person who could lead the team, have excellent written and verbal communication skills in Swedish and English, have a mindset for marketing, passion for communication, be structured, empathic. Having an experience working with social media, Adobe CS or CC and/or WordPress is a merit.

If you would like to know more about the group and public relations group manager position read the full description here >>

Arena group and Arena group manager

The Arena is what we call the venues that the event is happening at, and the Arena group is essentially working with logistics and event management. The Arena group is responsible for, among many other things, booking venues, coordinating the workshops and seminars together with business group, preparing the map of the companies, ordering food and other goods, planning decorations, recruiting and coordinating volunteers, preparing and cleaning the venue after the event.

The Arena manager is in charge of coordinating the arena group and its members. They prepare event management plan and necessary schedules, inventory lists, take care of necessary security requirements and familiarise with the safety procedures, coordinate work together with the rest of the groups and project leader.

As Arena manager you are expected to be self-driven, a motivated person who would lead the team, have excellent coordination and structuring skills, detail oriented, have excellent written and verbal communication skills in Swedish and English, be problem solving oriented, and have quick decision-making skills and responsive. Extra merit if you have worked with large events before.

If you would like to know more about the group and Arena group manager position read the full description here >>

Spira at your section

We have 3 Spira work fairs in the following sections of Göta studentkår:

Spira Samhälle – at the faculty of Social Sciences, Campus Haga. The fair is usually organised at Café Haga. Read more about the fair at the event page for Spira Samhälle. Spira samhälle is organised in or around March and thus the team is recruited around April, however we welcome late applications.

Spira Science – at the faculty of Sciences. The fair is organised at Geovetarcentrum (GVC). Read more about the fair at the event page for Spira Science. The fair takes place in End of February, beginning of March. The team is recruited in April. We welcome late applications.

Spira Pedagogen – At the faculty of educational sciences. The fair takes place at Pedagogen Hus B. Read more about the fair at the event page Spira Pedagogen. Spira Pedagogen used to take place during the spring semester but has now moved to October to better accomodate the students schedules. The team is recruited around November, December.

Other fairs at the sections of Göta studentkår:

At the IT faculty a fair called GÖSTA is organised every year in February and thus students studying in the field of IT can visit the fair at Lindholmen. More information can be found here.

Currently there is no work fair at the Arts faculty but we at Göta studentkår are working on creating work related events for the students at Humanistsektionen for the year 2019.

How to apply

If you wish to join Spira to create an amazing event for the students at your section, send your CV together with a short motivational letter explaining why you would like to join the project to spira@gota.gu.se. We are currently recruiting for the Spira teams in Social Sciences, Educational Sciences and Sciences faculties. Do not miss the chance and apply no later than 1st on November.

OBS! If you are studying at a faculty where Spira work fair is not organised (IT or Arts faculties) but you would still like to join the project, gain experience and contribute, do not hesitate to apply! You are free to apply to project teams outside of your own faculty as well.


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