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Welcome to the kick-off for the IT-section!

What is a Kick-off?

The Kick-off is a fun way to start your studies. It is three weeks that are filled with activities where you get the opportunity to meet more new students, the opportunity to get to know Gothenburg and take part in a lot of student social activities.

How to participate?

All activities are voluntary and there are no attendance requirements to participate. Our "Phaddrar" who will be your team leaders are well informed about it and will be there for you to make sure that you have fun and feel safe. The Kick-off is a super fun start to your studies and is a fantastic way to meet new friends who will also start studying.

Welcome to the IT faculty and this year's kick-off!

For us, a kick-off means that you should have the opportunity to get to know lots of new wonderful people and become part of a context before a new period in life. Whether you are new to the city or it is the first time at the university, there are certainly lots of questions that we are here to help answer, while we have a lot of fun together. We at the IT section have worked hard to put together a kick-off where everyone should feel welcome and comfortable showing up despite the difficult circumstances.

Of course, we abide by the restrictions that exist and take measures to make it as safe as possible. With this, we demand and expect that everyone who participates during the kick-off feels completely symptom-free.


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We hope you are ready and that we see you in the autumn!

If you have any questions about this autumn's kick-off, you can write to us via our social media or email 

A warm welcome to the autumn semester 2021!

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